1. What is this? -We often use road races, triathlons and community bike rides as motivation for exercising and setting goals.  After two events were cancelled due to Covid restrictions, we decided to organize a way for us and our friends to have a training goal. This is a virtual triathlon, where you will  submit your times for the following:  400M swim, 25Km Bike, and 5Km Run/Walk.

  2. What is the cost? - This is a free event!

  3. How do I sign up? - This is a private event for friends of the organizers, by invitation only.  Sign up using the registration page at https://www.thereisnotri.org/contact

  4. I can't run (swim/bike)! It's Okay!  There are options for duathlons (two events) and relay teams of two or three people, but each person should register individually.

  5. Where is the location of the event? It's a virtual event, so it can happen anywhere you want to exercise.  Run outside or on a treadmill; swim in a pool or a lake; bike outside or on a stationary bike -- it's up to you!

  6. How do I submit my times? - When you have completed a segment of the virtual triathlon or duathlon between September 27 - October 11, 2020 submit the information to the site (page not online yet) by October 16, 2020.

  7. Are there prizes? You will receive a digital finishers certificate which you may print out and hang on your wall.

  8. When will the results be announced? We will accept results through October 16, 2020 and results will be published on the web site soon afterwards. 

  9. Can I get a t-shirt?  We are working on t-shirt designs and will let you know the cost and deadlines for ordering. Cost TBD

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